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Pearson Partnership: Digital Clinical Assessments now Available via Coviu’s Telehealth Platform

The CELF-5 A&NZ and WISC-V A&NZ have been integrated onto Coviu's platform, providing perfect visual quality and interaction abilities for remote assessment.

Speech pathologists and psychologists across Australia & New Zealand will now be able to conduct a valid remote clinical assessment via a telehealth consult from the Coviu platform.

Pearson Clinical’s digital stimulus books from two assessment have been integrated into Coviu’s technology, meaning both the provider and patient receive perfect visual quality. The focus is on the WISC-5A&NZ and the CELF-5A&NZ.

Telehealth-delivered assessments have been scientifically validated to achieve comparable results to in-person assessments.

To that end, Coviu has worked with Pearson Clinical to develop the best patient and clinician experience. A core part of that experience is an asymmetrical user interface. This allows for the child that is being assessed to only see the assessor and the stimulus book without being distracted by any other user interface elements during the course of the assessment.

In contrast, the assessor will be able to see the child, even enlarge their video, and track the child’s clicks on the images. Numbered markers appear on the assessor’s end, which enables them to review the child’s interactions. Recording of the assessment results will continue to be done in paper-based forms.

The partnership has come at an important time, given the COVID-19 pandemic that has switched many speech pathologists and psychologists to telepractice. Not only can practitioners now perform clinical assessments remotely, but they can continue to provide long-term telehealth services to rural and remote dwellers, disabled or mobility impaired individuals or time-poor urban families.

Coviu now offers Pearson clinical assessments on their telehealth platform
The CELF-5A&NZ assessment in action via Coviu

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